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Your WordPress faster for $100
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1-2 business days - 14-day guarantee - volume discounts

Improve SEO Ranking

The website speed is one of the signals used by search engines algorithms to rank pages.

Boost Conversion Rates

Users tends to abandon frequently websites that takes more than 3s to load.

Invigorate User Experience

Slow websites causes bad impression and are less shared on social networks.

What are you going to do?

Image Optimization

Decrease images weight by using pixel-perfect optimization processes.

Caching Setup

Install WP Rocket to save server resources and decrease TTFB.

Bottleneck Scan

Scan plugins and themes to find the ones slowing your website.

Database Cleanup

Defrag/optimize MySQL tables and remove unnecessary data.

Control admin-ajax.php

Handle admin-ajax.php usage to prevent CPU hogging.

Lazy Load

Load images, iframes, videos and widgets only on demand.

Minify Resources

Remove unnecessary or redundant data without affecting the website.

WordPress Parameters

Set special variables to maximize the application performance.


Increase WordPress security by lowering the attack surface.

Can you show a few examples?

From 5.1s e 0.9 MB to 1.6s e 0.7 MB.
From 4.1s e 1.37 MB to 1.1s e 0.56 MB.
From 5s e 1.12 MB to 1.6s e 0.9 MB.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! The more you purchase, the more discount you get.

5 Websites

15% off
  • equals to $85 per website

10 Websites

20% off
  • equals to $80 per website

20 Websites

25% off
  • equals to $75 per website

40 Websites

30% off
  • equals to $70 per website

80 Websites

35% off
  • equals to $65 per website

Frequently Asked Questions

To optimize your WordPress we need your WordPress Administration and FTP login credentials. You may change both credentials once the process is completed.

We ask kindly 1-2 business days to optimize your WordPress.

WPBlazing is an optimization service paid one time, WP Rocket is an awesome cache plugin paid annually (if you want to keep it always updated). WPBlazing includes the WP Rocket plugin and also optimize your website images, control admin-ajax.php usage, configure WordPress internal parameters, scan for bottlenecks, harden your installation and provide you insights for further optimization.

WP Blazing is not a plugin, it’s an optimization service. You only need to have an WordPress installation and  provide the wp-admin and FTP login credentials. 

Once you purchased the optimization service, you only need to open a ticket providing your wp-admin and FTP credentials.

No, we don’t.

We’ll make your website loading time at least 10% faster than it was before the optimization OR refund your money back.

No, we don’t, but if we are unable to perform necessary optimizations on your WordPress to make it faster, we offer a 14 day refund policy.

You can pay using your credit card via PayPal.

No, we don’t.

No, we won’t. The closest to edit the website code we’ll do is to disable certain plugins when it’s not requested and possible to disable. For example, if your main page loads a contact form CSS and JS but there is no contact form on it, we’ll disable the contact form pluign there and only there.

No, we don’t. We have an in-house cloud optimization system able to optimize all your websites images without losing quality (lossless compression). You can use an image optimizer plugin to optimize all images hosted on the website after the WP Blazing Optimization Service is complete, but the majority of your images would be already optimized, therefore you’ll spend much less on an image optimizer plugin in the future to keep your newest images compressed.

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